The Stovepipe is a heartrending and heartwarming story of a
four-year-old girl, who, along with three sisters and a brother,
is taken by force from her family farm and placed in the foster
care system. As time passes, they are often separated and
later reunited as they are shuffled from one foster home to
another. The four girls spend their most formative years on a
tobacco farm where they live in abject fear of their foster
parents who show them no affection, force them to work as
common farm laborers, keep them locked in unheated attic
bedrooms, do not let them partake in the family meals, and
deny them access to the inside sanitary facilities. They are
constantly threatened that they will be separated again if
they misbehave. Their strong sisterly bonds and the pranks
they play to get even with their foster parents help the girls
to keep their will and spirits from breaking and to endure
the years of willful neglect and unspeakable abuse.