Homeschooling Why and How

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If you’ve watched your child flounder in a troubled educational system, it’s time to consider your alternatives. This is the book to start with!

In Homeschooling: Why and How, Gail Nagasako shares the essentials of why over a million families have chosen to homeschool and how they go about it. Drawing from over twenty years of experience as a homeschool support group leader, counselor and the mother of a now-grown homeschooled son, Ms. Nagasako shows you homeschooling is easier than you think. You can provide a full, robust education tailored specifically to your child’s personality, talents, difficulties and learning style and still have lots of time left over to enjoy your family life together.

This refreshingly approachable, well-documented homeschooling resource will:

Whatever your situation, Homeschooling: Why and How will challenge any preconceived notions about the practice that you may have. And, hopefully, encourage you to think critically and seriously about what your child is really learning at school.